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For alcohol and drug rehab, call Better Place Recovery at 720 450-8630 to Get Help Today! Drug and alcohol addiction destroys lives: it makes people feel trapped because of shame and guilt surrounding being labeled an addict. Substance dependency pushes the envelope on how much pain an individual can endure. It often feels hopeless; but, substance dependency can be beat. Drug Addiction Rehab Colorado has the staff and experience to help people end the vicious cycle of drug abuse. It has been medically confirmed that drug and alcohol addiction is a disease, and has to be treated with the same attention as illnesses like MRSA. We employ highly-trained professionals that specialize in drug rehab therapies and substance dependency. The center ensures the highest degree of care for our clients. End addiction and call Drug Abuse Rehab Thornton now!

What Is Substance Abuse?

Substance abuse starts out as a single, playful experiment. People quickly discover that they lose self-control and want more drugs, more frequently as a way to feel good. When the drug use increases in volume and frequency, it is more difficult to function normally without the drug. As the addict fears the unpleasant withdrawal symptoms, drug abuse occurs. Drug Abuse Rehabilitation Thornton, CO deals substances abuse daily. Otherwise known as physical and/or psychological dependence, it is an illness that develops due to misusing legal and illegal drugs.

  • Physical dependency comes from the continual drug use. It disrupts the manner in which nerve cells fire pleasure chemicals in the brain. Eventually, drug use is the one way to receive pleasure-giving brain signals.
  • Psychological dependency often takes longer to establish. This happens when the addict experiences unrest and anxiety from the idea of not having drugs nearby. Unable to feel good or normal once again, stress arises.

Both physical and psychological dependence make up substance dependency, and they must be addressed together as part of a comprehensive rehabilitation workflow. Drug Program Center’s has the staff, credentials, and know-how needed to help people suffering with drug addiction. We offer:

  • group and individual counseling
  • structured teambuilding activities
  • access to the 12-step community
  • an expert and supportive aftercare network
  • wonderful and affordable living accommodations

Our programs are also developed with each client’s particular needs first and foremost. The center offers them the best probability for success. Since the rehab team makes use of a number of effective, evidence-based therapies, clients can find healthy and reasonably priced rehab packages for everyone.

What’s Rehab?

In drug rehab, or rehabilitation, a person:

  • withdraws from the drug they abuse
  • participates in various kinds of therapy and behavior modifications that help the person face his or her problems
  • Analyze his or her reasons for using
  • discover new ways to avoid relapses and face temptation

Recovery Rehab Services group is made up of professionals, who address every part of drug addiction recovery process, including:

  • evaluation
  • medical care
  • counseling
  • drug and alcohol testing
  • relapse prevention training
  • treatment of mental disorders and emotional issues
  • follow-up care
  • education
  • lifestyle skills training
  • introduction to self-help and support meetings
  • family education and counseling

How Better Place Recovery Treats Substance Abuse Disorder

The center’s residential rehab program is a mix of inpatient and outpatient strategies, combining round-the-clock supervision with the goal of social re-integration. While living in modern, comfortable residential homes, clients engage in:

  • group and one-on-one counseling
  • daily support group meetings
  • daily trips to the gym
  • recreational activities
  • behavior modeling therapy
  • various social coping drills

Call 720-450-8630 to talk to Drug Detox Rehab‘s recovery specialists for more details regarding rehabilitation locations, the concerns of drug abuse, or substance addiction in general.